May 18, 2022

The Erasmus+ IndEra 4.0 project partners’ meeting in Setubal, Portugal, is underway. From the first day of the visit, the project participants were involved in activities at the Escola Professional de Setubal, attending meetings, training sessions, developing activities based on PBL (Project Based Learning), and getting to know the LuBan robotics training lab at the Escola Superior de Technology.
The purpose of the visit is to provide hands-on activities and presentations by students. Our student teams performed well: their fluency in speaking and communicating was appreciated and the knowledge they shared impressed all the partners from the Czech Republic, Turkey, Spain and Italy. In Lisbon, all project participants visited the Fablab, a digital manufacturing technology space, where they also had to complete their tasks. In Portugal, participants were also offered a cultural programme – a walking tour of Setubal and its landmarks.
We are delighted with the participation of our Institutions’ representatives (staff and students) in this international project, which gives them the opportunity to get to know the latest technologies, to touch them, to test them, to develop public speaking competences, to develop their English skills, to accumulate international experience, and to apply their knowledge in teaching and improving the processes of education.

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