September 16, 2022

We were proud to see off a student from Munzur University in Turkey, who has spent the whole summer at Marijampole Higher Education Institution. As soon as she arrived, Reyhan got down to work and worked hard for 2 months on her internship in the Business English and Communication Study programme. During her internship, she learnt many new things and deepened her English language skills.
Reyhan, who came to us for the second time, said as she left that she was looking forward to coming back for a third time. Reyhan, who arrived in 2021 for the first time as an Erasmus+ exchange student, not only studied, but was also keen to contribute to the Institution’s participation in the international distance learning fairs at the time. All this allowed her not only to gain professional knowledge but also to improve her remote presentation skills.
We are pleased to be able to not only provide international students with every opportunity to come, but also to ensure that Erasmus+ activities are implemented in a quality manner. The biggest reflection of this is the return rate.

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