January 06, 2023

This semester Marijampole Higher Education Institution had quite a few Erasmus+ students. There were six Turkish students in total. Abdullah Ertus, Faruk Duzsoz, Fatma Elbenim, Ceren Unlu, Muhammed Samet Boz and Muhammed Yildiz. Most of the students (5) Chose to study Business English and Communication. Also one student chose to deepen their Sports Management knowledge here in Lithuania. Every student left positive notes about their time here:

Muhammed Yildiz – First of all, I would like everyone to know that I had an excellent experience thanks to the Erasmus program and Lithuania. The teachers who are in Lithuania took great care of us, every teacher taught us something.

Abdullah Ertus – The Institutions teachers were very good and helpful. They shared their experiences and helped me improve my english.

Faruk Duzsoz – I learned new education methods by practicing in class, and the gains I experienced seem to be very useful in my future life. It is not always possible to be able to teach in practice, but I feel very lucky to be able to do this in Marijampole.

Muhammed Samet Boz – in Marijampole Higher Education Institution, we have learned a lot of different things with our new teachers and courses. It is impossible not to learn something here, since the teachers always provide extra tasks with the intent of educating.

Ceren Unlu – Gaining self-confidence is a process that requires courage and has many obstacles. Lithuania taught me that I had to step up to my responsibilities without running away. I am grateful.

We are glad to welcome and educate new students every year and hope that we will host more and more in the future.

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