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  • The social work study program prepares specialists who are able to recognize and assess the needs of clients, the need for new social services in communities, engage in project activities, develop innovative services. After graduation, graduates will be able to creatively and critically apply theories and methods of social work and innovations; to provide social services in a complex, changing, multicultural environment, in accordance with the principles of social justice, ethics and human rights, in order to empower people and make positive changes in the social life of the individual, groups, community, society; to understand and properly represent the social work profession, to develop social welfare and to strengthen the harmonious development of man and the environment. Students participate in Erasmus + programs. Any student who wishes to study social work can study and do internships abroad.

    Students are provided with opportunities to participate in voluntary activities according to the chosen field of interest, the student can get involved in student self-government structures, which organize various events and student celebrations, solve problems for students. Students ’creativity is encouraged during their studies, so students can unfold using a variety of creative methods. It also promotes deeper self-knowledge.

    Study form, duration – Full-time – 3 years.

    Price – 2500 Eur/1 year

  • General study subjects: 15 cr. Introduction to Philosophy, Foreign Language, Professional Language and Document Management, Information Technology.

    Subjects of the study field – 96 cr. General and Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Introduction to Studies and Professional Ethics, Social Gerontology and Palliative Care, Social Project Preparation and Management, Social Rehabilitation and Integration, Inclusion of the Disabled and Lithuanian sign language, Social Work Theories and Methods, Socio-educational Work with Children and Youth , Social Policy, Social Services, Human Rights, Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, Social Research Methods, Crisis Intervention and Community Concentration, Social Development, Supervision.

    Professional Practice – 30 cr .: Cognitive practice; Social work with case practice; Practice of social work in non-stationary social service institutions; Study program (branch) practice; Final practice.

    Final work – 9 cr.

    Specializations – 21 cr.: Social Work in Health Care or Social Work Management.

    Optional subjects:

    9 credits are awarded for the student’s optional subjects. Students are free to choose electives from the list of electives provided in the list.

  • Work in foreign state as well as in Lithuania non-governmental social assistance institutions and organizations.
    Establish and manage their own social business.

    After completing additional university studies or fulfilling other requirements of the higher education institution, graduates have the right to enter the second cycle master’s studies in the field of management. Opportunity for graduates of this study program to continue their studies according to university study programs in foreign higher education institutions.

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